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п»їNetwork Troubleshooting Case Study

Part 1: Troubleshooting a Connection Problem

Philip works for the large firm that has many branch office buildings in the city. Operating as being a certified computer system support tech, he must roam among the part offices, solving computer and network complications as they come up. Chris receives a call that a distant office is having network complications. When he gets to the remote office, he is told which the network is usually down. This kind of office consists of seven computers connected to a router, which can be connected to a cable device.

Answer the following question: Precisely what are the initial three things Chris should check?

To start with I would verify if everything it linked properly.

Unplug the modem, then plug it in return in.

In the event that you where able to surf the net but now you can't, this fix is for you.

1 . Close theВ browser if it is open.

installment payments on your Unplug the modem's electric wire. Not sure which can be the power cable? В

a few. Count to fifteen, which let us the modem power straight down.

4. Connect it back in.

5. Hang on two minutes for the modem to initialize the connection. 6. Open up your web browser. After that try to wide open a reliable web site, such asВ www.google.com.

The next step I might take was look at the router and make sure the working and connected properly.


Without a router, the Ethernet or UNIVERSAL SERIAL BUS cable connects from the device to the laptop. With a router, the Ethernet, or UNIVERSAL SERIES BUS cable connects from the modem to the router, then from the router towards the computer. An invisible router provides Internet access to wireless-enabled laptops, desktops, game playing consoles, androids, tablets, and printers.

Look for a temporary service interruption.

There might be an outage in your area. Hang on 15 to 30 minutes and try to get on the web again

Recharge your pc's Internet sign (IP address).

When your computer connects online, it is designated an Internet Process address (IP address), usually a different address each time you hook up. If you're...