Essay about Cognitive Difference

Every person has disputes whether it's about sports, cash, or the standard relationship concerns, but the one argument that usually seems to get the most heated are definitely the ones more than religious perspectives. Some of these spiritual disagreements result in fights, shed friendships, and continuous arguments, but the most detrimental result in my opinion is when ever one of the peers in the issue looses self-confidence in their very own religious idea due to the overpowering perspective using their peer. This leads me personally to my question, Does a disagreement having a cognitive expert from another philosophical point of view lessen the confidence one has in the justification of one's opinion system?

Have you ever ever contended for hours at any given time about which in turn religion is far more legitimate compared to the other? Very well, I have and it was one of the most mind dazzling experiences of my life. I used to be in the twelfth grade at my high school last Los Angeles, and I can remember this kind of story enjoy it was the other day. The disagreement uprooted coming from my religious beliefs class trained by Ms. Turro; it was a little while until place right after that school which was the moment school concluded. Our course many examined many beliefs from around the world. I was frightened to speak up about myself being a Christian, because Some want to be judged by my personal other classmates. After course one of the guys from the discussion approached me and asked, " What my point of view was on our class topic? ” Up coming he said, " What was my idea? ” I had been kind of calm at first, but then I thought My spouse and i am whom I i am and my belief can be apart of me so why not be pleased with my Christian foundation. I responded with saying that I think it was a pretty interesting conversation although I thought some of the beliefs we talked about seemed a little weird. That's exactly what asked me, " which ones? ” I replied, " All of them outside of Christianity! ” That definitely clarified his up coming question on what my personal belief was. He called me ignorant for assuming that there were one Our god or any the almighty at all. That really brought out the worst in...