Essay regarding the Water feature head

Lee Jin-ku

Prof. Kim Young-hoon

English 182088

8 April. 2013

Dualism represented from this novel through Roark's struggle As far as Now i'm concerned, the author, Ayn Flanke delivers her sense valuable, objectivism applying contrary among Roark's picture and that of other character types and the theme of this novel triggers us to reconsider the worthiness we have adopted for many years. First and foremost, Howard Roark is presented as the perfect gentleman in the world. There are numerous symbols showing his qualities in this story. Firstly, Roark's building styles stand for his characteristics, seeking innovation and not compromising against his worth. Also, whilst other characters follow the rules and keep exhibitions, Roark explained in this new refuses to endanger with his individual principles. Regardless of the hatred of the world, Roark lives by his principles and it's really the way that Rand want to show all of us. This new is developed around Roark's struggle to maintain his personality against makes. Roark states that individuals, not really societies, made great background our world. He admits that that superb individuals just like Prometheus are the inspiration of our community. Particularly, In the chapter 18, Roark's excited speech evidently delivers his ideology. Rand describes Roark's argument fantastic principles inside the court, talking about inventors while great males who supply the world with their genius(1725). Cash because it is male's nature to get truth and to create. Using Roark, Seite criticizes ‘second-handers, ' whom feed on the souls of creators(1729). Furthermore, by showing contrast between characters, Flanke divides the ideology in to collectivism and individualism. The very first is symbolized by Ellsworth as well as the latter can be represented by simply Howard Roark. This dualistic structure helps us to recognize different two values demonstrated in this new. Moreover, the procedure that Roark defeats or perhaps converses different ones who follow altruism or collectivism makes people know about the primacy of individualism. This structure...

Cited: Ayn, Rand. The fountainhead. Nyc: Bobbs Merrill, 1943. 1725-1729. Print