Essay regarding Project Record on Bamboo bedding



A growth oriented Businessperson will always be in search of opportunities, which will generate income, boost long-term value and command word recognition and respect inside the society.

Looking at this current upbeat ambiance in the NE Region pertaining to development of sector, thrust by simply Government of India intended for the development of environment friendly alternate solutions and what is more, the impressive progress of China in the bamboo structured industry – The KOTHARI group has decided to placed a unit in Guwahati to manufacture Bamboo bedding Flooring, Board & related products.

During the exploratory phase, we all reviewed reports & magazines published by forest division / NGOs on Bamboo resource in NE Location, visited & discussed with all the Bamboo declaring no to prop, met with equipment manufacturers in India & abroad, went to seminars, studied market for flooring and its development potential, consulted technocrats from India and in foreign countries about associated with making floors in India using India Bamboo. All of us received motivating response and could feel the potential.

Now we are determined that will put up project and this report provides details on various areas of the same.



PRODUCT: Bamboo Flooring & Bamboo Panel Boards.

PRODUCT INFORMATION: Bamboo flooring/board is the hottest and most ground-breaking products inside the flooring and interior decoration concept. The unique Bamboo wheat provides an amazing oriental magnificence to the in house of any room, and the high quality of Bamboo compared to wood guarantees a lifetime of enjoyment.

Bamboo Floors and Bamboo Board is additionally the most environment-friendly construction materials available. Even though Bamboo appears and reacts like a outstanding hardwood, it can be actual a grass. Contrary to wood woodlands, which consider decades to regenerate, the Bamboo groves only take many years to renew themselves. As customer (especially in developed marketplaces such as The united states, Europe and Japan) turn into increasingly environment conscious, it has become a strong marketing part of Bamboo goods.

Bamboo's natural flexibility is suitable to a variety of environments. The done product is all-around coated and protected against pests and fungus. It is ideal for all home and business installations- in bedrooms, living room, dining rooms, offices, educational institutions and clinics.

PRODUCT FEATURES: Bamboo bedding Flooring & Boards are made of 100% green resource, which will saves treasured timbers. What is more, it has so many salient features- Incredible tensile strength. Light weight. Good appearance. Harder and more stable than real wood. Easy to install. Creates friendly ambiance for Asthma & Allergy or intolerance patients. Superb insulator of heat/cold. Environment friendliness...