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Instructional Techniques to

Increase Student Learning

New Instructor Series

Treatment II

Nov 4, 2010

Stephanie Lemmer

Kalamazoo RESA

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Goals during the day

• Understand factors that impact the success

of any technique.

• Become familiar with instructional tactics

that have verified effectiveness.

• Understand that fluency with the technique is

a significant prerequisite towards the strategy's


• Cover the use of among the strategies in

your own setting.

• Develop a thought of how to assess the

effectiveness in terms of pupil learning.

Significant Themes for the Day











Teacher Manners

Principles of Effective



• " Class room

Instruction that


What are the major values of

the Catholic faith?

What could be the difference of

the impact about people looking for

Catholicism in the event the leadership and

the associates of a members


пЃ¶Were vibrant and active in their belief?

 … OR PERHAPS had the knowledge but had been


What might be the difference of

the impact on learners seeking

learning if the administration and

the teachers within a school or perhaps district


пЃ¶Actually assumed and predicted that ALL

youngsters would study at large levels?

пЃ¶Believed that much of student learning

was away from their control.

Revisiting the educational morals

• Almost all Kids Can easily Learn …

– " to the level of their talents. ”

– " for the extent that they can take advantage of the

possibilities we produce for them. ”

– " and it's up to us to determine that they have

in order to grow and develop. ”

– " so we all will build high criteria that we

expect all pupils to achieve. ”

DuFour and Eaker, 1999

But what regarding …?

Characteristics of Varied Learners

Powerful instructional methods for

diverse students must be made

with relevant learner qualities in


1 .

installment payments on your



Retaining data

Strategy expertise and make use of

Vocabulary understanding

Language code

Coyne, Kame'enui, & Carnine, 2007

Retaining Information

• Numerous studies have written about that

the memory problems associated with

varied learners are related specifically for

tasks having a verbal part.

• Using the right approach may drastically

reduce fundamental memory variations between

various learners and average achievers.

Coyne, Kame'enui, & Carnine, 2007

Educational Implications to get

Addressing Recollection Skills

• Explicitly advise in powerful use of wedding rehearsal

and categorization strategies.

• Emphasize long-term retention of underlying

that means of significant content.

• Have scholars actively make use of new details.

• Highlight connections between pieces of


• Connect new learning how to learner's encounters.

• Systematically monitor preservation of information

and knowledge over time.

Coyne, Kame'enui, & Carnine, 2007

Strategy Knowledge and Use

• Diverse learners and average achievers

make use of similar tactics but change in how

efficiently each uses them.

• Teachers should first be prepared to

address really the basic skill problems

that frequently underlie students' poor use

of strategies to resolve complex challenges.

• Learning effects happen to be strongest when

learning strategies are explicitly taught.

Coyne, Kame'enui, & Carnine, 3 years ago

Instructional Ramifications for

Approach Knowledge and Use

• Ensure that important skills underlying

efficient utilization of target technique are company.

• Give multiple instances of when to use

and not employ particular approach.

• Help to make each step in new strategy explicit;

have learners show proficiency

using each step and combining

steps to use complete strategy.

Coyne, Kame'enui, & Carnine, 3 years ago

Vocabulary Knowledge

• Terminology development must occur in

multiple curricular areas and in the context

of multiple instructional techniques in case the

gap between diverse students and

normal achievers shall be substantially...