Essay regarding Sandhurst College Bombing simply by Wendy Malezo

Many individuals have remembered the unfortunate occasions of the Sandhurst Road University bombing as a drastic and tragic action of wickedness. The Sandhurst Road School bombing took place at a ‘big' and ‘imposing' institution on Minard Road in Catford, Southern region East Birmingham on Friday 20th January 1943 each time a German fighter-bomber dropped a ‘500kg' bomb on the university at around 12: 30pm. The resulting explosion murdered ‘32 children and 6th staff and 60 other folks injured' many buried beneath rubble. Afterwards a further 6 children passed away in hospital. Many inquiries arise upon whether Schumann deliberately ‘targeted' the school or just attacked what looked like a large factory. ‘The school was also many storeys high'.

Most raids happened inside the night sometimes were decreased in the working day. Witness information say ‘the planes flew first beyond the school, then bombed it on the second run'. The school was surrounded by residential buildings. This suggests the this incident could of also been a mass bombing and it may also be classified as ‘deliberate' and most likely to be represented because ‘hunnish brutality' (described in source B1). Source B2 is obtained from the Kentish Mercury that has been a magazine article which has been also posted 2 times after the bombing. Although it may appear as trusted, the model is weak due to that being prejudiced and censored because govt and RAF would want persons on the home front to have strong well-being.

Due to inefficiencies of the alert systems the environment raid siren had not seemed by the time A language like german planes came. Many kids ‘were having their lunch' and the assault destroyed the spot of the university where we were holding eating. Jane Burch and Eric Brady were the two eyewitnesses. The big event was as well said to be ‘one that couldn't be forgotten' moreover Mary went on to say that ‘it was a sense that could hardly be explained'. It is most likely these German bombers would've regarded about the existence of the school since it could clearly be referred to as a...