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Felicia Sutton, Lindsey Meeks, Liz Chichester

Stat Lab #3


We are looking to determine if double stuffed Oreo cookies have twice the filling than regular plain Oreo's. The Oreo info is quantitative continuous info and we will be using a boxplot to compare the pounds of each cookie's filling.

5. 81 – several. 44 sama dengan 2 . 37 2 . 46/3. 44 =. 688. 688(100) = sixty-eight. 8 % The above stats table implies that there is a 68. 8% boost from the basic Oreo stuffing to the dual stuffed Oreo filling.

H0: m = 6. almost 8 The imply weight of double packed Oreo's can be 6. eight grams. H1: m � 6. 8 The indicate weight of double stuffed Oreo's can be not six. 8 grams. Our crucial values just for this T-Test will be 2 . thirty-three and -2. 33. To conclude, at the a=. 02 relevance there is not adequate evidence to maintain the null hypothesis that m=6. almost eight grams.

We are 98% assured that the suggest weight intended for the double stuffed Oreo filling is placed within the lower bound of 5. seventy five grams to the upper destined of your five. 89 grms. We will not ever know the accurate population indicate because each of our sample is extremely limited. We might need to know the weight coming from all Oreo dessert fillings.

To summarize, there is sufficient evidence that double filled Oreo cookies do not have twice the filling of plain Oreo's. Despite our limited sample of 2 hundred cookies, we determined that there was an almost 70% embrace amount of filling involving the plain and double Oreo cookies. Having a larger test our benefits would have yielded a percentage nearer to 100%. Based on our human population we can declare the Oreo's are not genuinely double packed. The hypothesis test supports this as well. With a hypothesis test we all rejected the null hypothesis stating the mean filling up weight of double stuffed Oreos can be equal to 6th. 8 grms. This develops upon the previous calculation that the stuffing is only about 70% more than a plain Oreo, and we can conclude that the mean fat is less than 6th. 8 grms. However with creating a 98% confidence...