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The ability to communicate wirelessly and across boundaries is one of the biggest uses of mobile phones. Cell phones have surfaced as the principal communication equipment for countless rural, remote and bad areas in developing countries where it is hard to build comprehensive fixed-line and other wired phone infrastructures. Mobile phones can be used in numerous emergency scenarios and exigencies to gain important and on time help.

Mobile phones are used to speak wirelessly and across region. In the past decade or so, mobile phones have appeared as the main communication equipment for countless users in rural, underdeveloped areas and remote spots in expanding countries in which it is quite hard and pricey to place fixed or land-line facilities. In case of unexpected emergency situations and natural unfortunate occurances, a cellphone is often the ultimate way to communicate and seek help. With the pervasiveness of social websites applications such as Twitter and Facebook upon mobile phones, notifications about possibly dangerous conditions are often communicated faster through mobile phones.


Cameras filled on most cell phones can be used to take pictures of girls and unsuspicious children; these photos are then generally morphed, manipulated and circulated on the Internet. Texting could also be used to misuse or track people.

Virtually all new-generation mobiles have built-in cameras. Various users happen to be known to capture pictures of girls, children, celebs and other persons in public places. The antisocial and unscrupulous elements among these users happen to be known to shape and change these images and move them in various means. Bullying through texting is pretty common between teens and young adults. Impressionable and vulnerable teenagers are known to be afflicted mentally when ever bullied or perhaps harassed by peers and also other students through text messages.