Essay regarding Solon

Athens: Solon Ancient Athens was a place all powerful tyrants ruled, had been an established hierarchy of aristocrats oppressed the poor and reaped all of the benefits of power one can think about. But unidentified to all of them this system of governance was soon to be changed into an even more democratic one, by a gentleman whom they can come to respect on time. Solon was your son Execestides, a non-profit man with great cultural influence and one who was believed to be descended from an old Athenian king named Codrus. Solon was raised to be a desired and considerate man, his values and a sense of proper rights greatly inspired the way he crafted the laws of Athens and in the way this individual ruled. At the beginning of his secret Solon came under great pressure by the aristocrats and even his friends and family to rule Athens as a tyrant. In this daily news I am going to go over were the motivation behind this pressure came from and exactly how Solon simply by passed it through his laws. Athens was within the verge of your revolution: it was being pulled in three different directions, the hill people of Athens wanted serious democracy, people from the plains wanted extreme oligarchy plus the people from your shore wanted mixed authorities. In addition to this there was clearly the issue of financial debt slavery that needed to be resolved, and the persistent problem of blood feuds between prominent Athenian people. In this conventional paper I will discuss the class conflict in Athens and the interpersonal changes installed with Solons rise in electrical power, the blood feuds between the dominant Athenian households and the Solons new personal constitution.


Just before Solon came to Power Athens was divided harshly between the wealthy noble families who have made up a single percent of the population and the peasants who have made up other majority. Even though both classes could very own and cultivate land, there was a huge disparity between the type and amount of terrain they handed down. The aristocrats lived in the...