Essay regarding Sample Assertion of Goal for Learning Technologies

Assertion of Goal

I have liked sharing my own ideas and thoughts to throughout my own education years whether being a teacher or maybe a student. I selected elementary education as a occupation in classroom technology especially because of many and varied reasons. First, I do believe this key will help me a lot to understanding kids who would be the basic component to our communities. Also, I believe this significant will increase my personal knowledge about their needs in our everyday life which will ultimately lead to a great appearance of a new informed generation. This major which can be in particular regarding the technology in class room will also develop my abilities in instructing by using the hottest technology in the world to create a appropriate atmosphere to get the children. Nevertheless , since We am from a developing country, which can be Saudi Arabia, and based on new observations on the general condition of education in my country, the use of technology has become a significant part of the education in our colleges and schools. So , I will learn new ways of educating to help my country as well as the children to generate good educators in different areas of research. Because of all above reasons, I have chose to pursue my own education with this major to get an effective and helpful person in my culture. During my knowledge in educating back in Saudi Arabia for more than ( ) years, I was within a deep connection with children and i also became familiar with their needs and aware about the effective ways to deliver any information to them. Some of those effective ways is use of technology in classrooms which has many features that can enable the youngsters to learning the subjects' components easily and effectively. Consequently , I believe that ( University name ) has incredibly excellent software for this key that will develop my skills in educating and coping with children. Also, I hope to understand through this program how to use the technology effectively in classrooms. I i am interested in the study of the children behavior and how to make use of the technology...