Essay regarding The Pros and Cons of Stereotyping

B)" Selection … could be the engine that drives … the corporation in the 21st century. Good global managers will be able to control this diversity for the innovative and competitive edge of their businesses. ” (Rhinesmith 1993) This statement plainly highlights the importance of handling diversity in which managers may choose stereotyping to take on cultural diversity. However , stereotyping can be a double-edged sword when ever managers become over-reliant onto it. This composition aims to examine the merits and demerits of stereotyping as well as the strategies to manage or perhaps minimize the down sides of this sort of behaviour.

Stereotyping is " the tendency to ascribe confident or negative characteristics into a person on such basis as a general catergorisation and recognized characteristics. ” (Mullins 2002, pp 406) There are three steps in the stereotyping process. First of all, we develop and designate characteristics of people to sociable groups using the media, personal and social experience. Secondly, we spend people to social groups based upon their traits. Lastly, we all draw results about the individual using the group's perceived features. (McShane and Travaglione, 2007)

Stereotyping is definitely useful in a lot of ways. Firstly, stereotypes make simpler the world by catergorising details because it is not possible to remember exclusive characteristics of each person. (Schneider 2004) Second of all, " The essence of stereotypical considering is that it is fast and provide a basis for instant action in incertain circumstances”. (Fox 1992 cited in Hinton 2000) Indeed, these kinds of categorisation expedites judgments which could influence businesses. Thirdly, stereotyping satisfies the natural desire of individuals to understand & predict others' actions. (Mackie, ain al. mil novecentos e noventa e seis, cited in Smedley, ainsi que al, 2003) This happens when managers try to find out their fresh employees' character. Fourthly, stereotyping increases self-esteem and confidence by remembering the positive but not the unfavorable traits because of their own...