Essay about The Theme of Loneliness in Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men


David Steinbeck's " Of Rats and Men" was arranged just outdoors Soledad in Southern California, and it was drafted in 1937. This book is a very tragic; because it displays the unattainable some dreams were cracked. George and Lennie's dream of owning their own big house with animals. And a friend must kill his own closest friend for to avoid further cruelty its benefit. Other characters are Crooks, Curley's better half and Candy. This book is a tragic story. Lennie and George want to work on the ranch in the hopes of making enough money to obtain their own plantation, where they can be independent and charge of their own destiny. Probably with the brand new job, they will get what they've expected all along. The story from the little farm building, with the rabbits and vegetable patch and hayrides, is less like a program and more like a fairy tale. The moment Lennie killed Curley's better half, but it was an accident; Lennie didn't know very well what he was performing, he was trying to stop the woman screaming. Having been too frightened if George find out that he " done a genuine bad thing” this time, and so he decided to go back to the river part where George told him if this individual gets problems.

Some people feel sadness and suffered. One of them was Sweets who sensed sad if he let Carlson to destroy his doggie, " Well-hell! I had him so long. Got him since he was a pup", and Candy stated after, В " I shouldn't ought to of let not any stranger capture my dog". Curley's better half felt unhappiness as well, residing in a hacienda with no one to talk to, because everyone believes that she actually is a troublemaker. " I actually never arrive at talk to no person. I obtain awful unhappy. " В " What's the situation with me? Isn't I got a right to talk to no one? " В " Seems like they will ain't none of them cares for you how I must live". These kinds of quotes could exactly let you know how Curley's wife feels lonely, since non-e with the men living in a farm wants to talk to her.

The disinterested community in the new explores the facts of being remote. The main character types been discriminated are Curley's wife, Candy and Thieves. In...