Essay about Samples Detailed Paragraph

Samples of detailed paragraphs:

Sample 1 . The sample under is a position paragraph via a student essay on the progress entertainment press. In this, she describes TV-watching in her friends and family to make a point about how central TV was as a type of entertainment inside the 60's.

(1) As I was growing in the sixties, television was your only entertainment my family realized of the electronic digital sort. (2) The several o'clock nighttime news was such an important part of our family that my father knocked a wall down and created a huge cabinet in its place just to accommodate each of our 19-inch grayscale white. (3) No one was allowed to talk or produce a audio when the tv was about; all sight were glued to the moving and flickering image. The commanded total respect. (4) In the daytime, " the tv screen needs their rest” my mother could say, since she patted its pseudo-wooden top and covered it with a doilie she had made herself. (5)There is not a doubt that TV was as central to our lives as it was towards the lives coming from all our friends during that period. (adapted from an essay by Angeline Chan, used with permission. )

Notice the writer's make use of action verbs (knocked, glued) and her use of physical words (19inch, black and light, huge, speak, sound, flickering)) to paint a picture in the scene in her living room. Inside the final word, she states the main point with the paragraph: that TV was central in families' lives during the 60's. The appearance of a topic sentence towards the end of a passage, rather than at the beginning is common in descriptive paragraphs, and it works well just for this kind of expansion.

Sample 2 . This paragraph is a scholar's response to a great assignment to describe a place of personal importance or beauty: (1) The trek, perching precariously 500 ft above the roaring surf and after that dipping easily into darker lush miles, snakes the way over the fluted coastline. (2) From afar, it is hard to trust there would be in whatever way to navigate the cliffs that drop like hands into...