Essay regarding Valentine analysis

In ‘Valentine', Duffy chooses to challenge the traditional symbols of affection,  namely the ‘red rose' and the ‘satin heart'. This rejection of typical love tokens is indicated through the adverse ‘not' inside the first stanza. Instead Duffy introduces the reader to her personal symbol of love, the red onion, which is unusual because the onion is a very unflattering, smelly, acidic and unromantic object. Duffy spends all of those other poem demonstrating to all of us how the onion is more faithful and demonstrates the true characteristics of love.

The poem on its own is a prolonged metaphor about how exactly the unromantic properties with the onion fits the notion of affection. Each stanza also displays the different levels of love, just how it commences with all the finest intentions yet gradually deteriorates into misconceptions and assault.

In stanza one the negative adverb ‘not' signifies rejection of traditional emblems of love.

In stanza two Duffy presents an alternative sign of love; the onion. A unique comparison, even so Duffy begins to make valid connections by simply comparing the form and color of it to the moon.

The metaphor ‘a moon twisted in brownish paper' refers to the romantic inference that the celestial satellite carries. The moon impact on the tides and all drinking water on earth. As 75% with the earth is water and our own physiques also contain the same sum, it means it also has an effect on our emotions too. Here the image of celestial body overhead or red onion takes on a sensual graphic, and we possess a hint of love-making while the relationship commences and begins to develop.

Duffy also says " we give you” addressing me personally the reader and making the poem more personal.

In stanza 3 Duffy starts to explore the negative attributes of love applying multiple metaphors and similes.

She also immediately addresses the reader again when she says " here” giving the onion to the audience, making the poem self-assured and weirdly intimate.

She also uses simile when she says " impaired you with tears like a lover”, in this article the red onion is compared to a lover and the way like...